Raising the Game in Canterbury

Budding Forward Brings High Defensive IQ

Walter Brown will join the Rams in 2022, called upon for his vast potential and ability to help grow excitement around the game in Canterbury.

New Head Coach Judd Flavell recognises the raw talent and high defensive IQ that Brown has become known for at representative level.

“He works as hard as he can in every team he plays for,” Flavell says, citing the success of squads in which Brown has starred. 

In 2019, the former St Bede’s forward was selected to the first South Island High School All Star Games. Two years later, Brown helped take Canterbury to the U19 National Championship title.

“We are determined to bring high energy to the 2022 Sal’s National Basketball League,” Flavell adds. “Brown is an important part of this formula.”

The Rams in 2022 will feature players well-travelled across Europe and Oceania. Brown brings a fresh perspective to the world-class line-up, and a drive to excel and embrace the opportunity.

“We recognise potential and see Brown’s experience as the perfect fit for Judd as head coach,” says Rams General Manager Caleb Harrison. “Judd is a legend in skill development and growing young talent. He will help take this new talent to the next level – and we can’t wait to see how Walter rises to the occasion.”

Brown’s name has been a consistent fixture on the roster of Canterbury representative teams. He played his junior basketball in North Canterbury, making his debut for the Rams in 2021.

According to Harrison, he has also been called upon for his contribution to community programmes, as a Mainland Eagle and in his first season with the Rams.

“Look out for Walter this summer at our Rams camps,” Harrison adds. “It’s a great opportunity for our supporters to see how someone with a genuine passion for the game has created their own pathway. They can see up close the motivation and drive that has taken a local high school student to the top of his game.”

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