Rams Summer League and Canterbury Basketball Academy Development Summer Leagues Recap – Week 1

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After a great first round of the Rams Summer League reporter Isaiah Smiler broke the games down


Game 1 – The Fitz Sports Bar 84 v 72 Lone Star

The very first Canterbury Rams Summer League kicked off with a great game on Tuesday night at Hornby Action Indoor. Rams captain Marques Whippy and Lone Star, took on Taylor Britt and The Fitz Sports Bar in a game that was sure to be close.  

Early in the first quarter, Rams captain Marques Whippy made his presence felt on the interior, with several early second chance points to give Lone Star the lead. However, late in the quarter, Nick Erwood fuelled a comeback for The Fitz and they ended the quarter up by one. Erwood and team mates, Taylor Britt and Carl Issit, continued to work well together on both ends of the floor to propel the lead out to seven at half time.

After the half The Fitz Sports Bar continued their dominance despite the best efforts of Lone Star players Whippy and Derek Albertson, who worked tirelessly to try and minimise the deficit. Taylor Britt shot well in the third for The Fitz Sports Bar to give them a commanding 13-point lead going into the final eight minutes of play.

Lone Star began to make a small comeback at the start of the fourth quarter, at one stage getting as close as five points. However, Erwood would step it up another notch. Josiah Williams also added some late buckets to give The Fitz Sports Bar comfort.

The Fitz Sports Bar coach Piet Van-Hasselt said “The team committed to a hard-nosed defensive effort. Nick Erwood led the way in this area with some aggressive fronting of the post and doubling of onballs. Offensively the team hunted for extra passes which opened up the court and allowed for five players to reach double figures,” 

Final: FIT 84 – 72 LON

The Fitz – Erwood 17 pts, 16 rebs, Britt 15 pts, Issit 14 pts

Lone Star – Albertson 17 pts, Whippy 14 pts, B.Williams 14 pts


Game 2 – Joe’s Garage v Fox & Ferret

Game two of the night featured Tony Tolovae back in action going up against Fox and Ferret, a team filled with the best high school talent in Canterbury.

Unfortunately, things were going to be made even tougher for Fox and Ferret as a few key members of their team were absence. Despite this, Fox and Ferret got off to a great 10-1 start. Tolovae then got going for Joe’s Garage, igniting a 7-0 run to bring them back to within a basket. Fox and Ferret still led at the first quarter break thanks to the consistency of Max Darling to get to the free throw line and to protect the paint.

Fill-in Josiah Williams and Joe’s Garage guard Josh Peterman then took over in the second quarter as they closed in on Fox and Ferret’s lead before the half time break. North Canterbury guard Jack Exeter had a good quarter for Fox and Ferret to keep his team in the lead at the break.

It was a neck-and-neck start to the second half, as Tolovae and Darling went head-to-head. The experience of Marty Davison for Fox and Ferret was able to give them the edge they needed to extend their lead every so slightly in the third quarter.

Fourth quarter time, up step Tolovae, who kicked into yet another gear. He made sure to get his team the lead and didn’t look back, scoring seven straight points early in the fourth quarter. From then on, it was always going to be a tough ask for the young guns of Canterbury to put a stop to Tolovae, as he ended up with a total of 24 points, to go along with 13 rebounds, arguably having the best performance of the night. Joe’s Garage took out a tight three-point victory to get their Summer League off to a good start.

Joe’s Garage coach Ben Sheat said he was pleased with the team’s effort but thought the defensive effort could improve, “Both teams did a really great job working hard throughout the game but I think the ball pressure, staying in front on defence, and off the ball defence could really go to another level.”

Final: JOE 58 – 55 FNF

Joe’s Garage – Tolovae 24 pts, 13 rebs, J.Williams 12 pts

Fox & Ferret – Davison & B.Williams 11 pts, Darling 9 pts, 6 rebs

Round 2 of the Summer League kicks off on the 21st of November at action sports. Get down and check it out!


November 21st Games

8pm Joe’s Garage V Lone Star

9pm The Fitz Sports Bar V Fox and Ferret


Summer Development League Results, Tables and Updated teams

U14 Boys Grade


Game Team Score Team Score
1 Blue Devils (White) 75 Runnin Rebels (Red) 66
2 Spartans (Black) 64 Tar Heels (Grey) 53


Team Points
Spartans 2
Blue Devils 2
Tar Heels 1
Runnin Rebels 1


Updated teams

Runnin Rebels (Red) Spartans (Black) Blue Devils (White) Tar Heels (Grey)
Jalen Dickel Tom Harrison Jordan Braithwaite Alex Wenmoth
Riley Sa Louis Delatour Dylan Weich Kobe Northmore
Mason Murphy Jake Banks Jononathan Jun Jesse Beeforth
Ashton Stocker Luke Jones Joel Fenika Havery Gordon
Rory Skinner Neo Coughtry Harry Weston Ruben Booth
Mitchell Corkery Josh Doody Perry Ratahi Jack Coulthard
George Teear Tahilanu Fialele-Tonga Cooper Freeman Kane Cotes
Jarius Montergero West Te Awhe Rio Mahaviarilei Benji Pulin
Hunter Adams Hunter Cutbush Jack Gallagher Ben Widely
Josh O’Conner Louie Gordon Cameron Blackwood Finn Howard
Hugo Gonzales Garcia Liam Mytton Ty Grabowski Luke McCoy
Jack Hollingsworth Hunter Towart
Coach Coach Coach Coach
Dean Towart Ashleigh Adamson Mo Corkery /Rawiri Hazel Struan Banks


U14 Girls Grade

Results U14 Table Points
Huskies (Black) 53 Storm (Grey) 34 Huskies 2
Green Wave (Red) 53 Flames (White) 44 Green Wave 2
Storm 1
Flames 1


Green Wave (Red) Huskies (Black) Flames (White) Storm (Grey)
Jade McIntyre Maddie Morrow Holly Willman Serena Tarawa
Grace Nielson Broke Roder Francis Varga Lauryn Whittaker
Nemo Stevenson Danaleigh Cooper Olivia Isitt Lauren Isitt
Erin Kennedy Aliya Newton Lily Gaughan Eva Marryatt
Kaitlyn Riches Maia Simpson Cassidy Brunel Amelia Harrison
Ophelia Powell Summer Hawkins Zoe Millar Georgia Gardner
Isabelle Swart Sophee Willis Olivia Cromarty Harriet Clapp
Maddie Roberts Rhyley Mouat Jade Paenga Eva Robinson
Raffery Powell Rosa Blake Alice Wilson Olivia Carlile-Smith
Rebecca Gracey Grace Cockburn Paige Eder Elizabeth Horn
Gabriella Swan Alexandra Robinson Caitlin Andrews Dayna Simpson
Ash Kelliher
Coach Coach Coach Coach
Shane Varga Terry Brunel/Sam Watkins Kimberley Sexton/Paul Isitt Gordon Wong/Mikey Graham


U16 Boys Grade

Results U16 Table Points
Boilermakers (White) 76 Badgers (Grey) 71 Boilermakers 2
Mountaineers (Black) 84 Bulldogs (Red) 78 Mountaineers 2
Badgers 1
Bulldogs 1


Updated teams

Bulldogs (Red) Mountaineers (Black) Boliermakers (White) Badgers (Grey)
Sam Jenkins Ah-Li Fenika Mason Whittker Quinn Lavery
Jack Kelliher Tanae Lavery Liam Golding Josh Lacey
James Ingram Greg Rodger Riley Holland Sam Gallagher
Ben Gracy Trey Te Awa Bill Murray Tautaji Briggs
Yusuke Saito Kane Thompson Zach Hannen Yuma Kuwasaki
Alex Lind Anaru Takurua Daniel Griebel Ryan Wood
Elijah Velisco Rawiri Eruwa Jacob Craig Daniel Metherall
Joseph Mathews Daniel Stockdale Kaleb Camberlin Jerusalem Moeke
Harry Gaughan Hunter Mills Jack Churcher Justiz Pritchard
Sam Scallion Ryan Hotop Toby Tremewan Anaru Walker
Stephen Li Jack Cleland Matt Price Zavier Harema
Hiram Taleni Hamish Patterson
Coach Coach Coach Coach
Neville Brooker /Jack Williamson Scott Baker Aiden MacDonald Hamish Hobbs/Aled Jones


U16/U18 Girls Grade

Results U16/18 Table Points
Lynx (Red) 70 Skyhawks (Black) 68 Lynx 2
Tigers (White) 65 Stars (Grey) 64 Tigers 2
Stars 1
Skyhawks 1


Lynx (Red) Skyhawks (Black) Tigers (White) Stars (Grey)
Alana Wouters Olivia McIntyre Sammy Arnold Stella Porter
Aimee Book Helen Mathews Rachel Pullan Keneisha Bond
Ashlee Strawbridge Sila Morris Sunny Montgomery Tsubasa Nisbet
Sophia Harrison Georgia Hollings Petra Jack Amy Buckmaster
Izzy Orr Molly Cockburn Megan Green Alida Pohatu-Barnes
Holly Monopoli Holly Groeneweld Brie Yates Koesha Timpson
Annabel Lapworth Megan Shannon Elle gen Daguinatos Sarai Chapman
Emily McCauley-Scott Elsie McRobb Sophie Wroth Jordana Falconer
Kate Zarifeh Grace Cameron Katie-Jo van Den Bogaert Meg Williams
Olivia Luhetoa Tirso Damayla TeRina Cooper Maia Holdem
Skye Marryatt Idi McGoon
Kareatua Williams Eliza Bathhurst
Coach Coach Coach Coach
Te Haere Stirling/Kimberley Sexton Sam Watkins Josh Thomson/Anna Spark Mikey Graham


U18 Boys Grade

First games this weekend

Sooners Wolfpack Golden Eagles 49ers
Max De Geest Max Darling Tom Crutchley Louis Oskam
Tom Webley Will Hollings Connor McLaughlin Ben Carlise-Smith
Nic Wenmoth Tom Russ-Hofmans Lachie MacFarlane Kurt Feneon
Joel Jeffery Tyriece Tuliau Jackson Stwart Isaiah Morris
Rylu Dequita Tom Huges Josh Thompson Jared Burnett
Matt Riches Dafa Sun Luca Williams Mitchell Langley
Quinten Conner Alexander Stack Charles Navaquez Carlton Chitango
Lucius Taylor Johan Bird Jed Rea Korban Nutria
Ben Ruffles Caleb Coyners Drew Mackay Dom Mitchell
Coach Coach Coach Coach
Liam Connelly Nev Brooker Ryan Jarvis Piet/Van Hasselt/Marques Whippy


Canterbury Basketball Academy Summer Development League Draw – November 11th

U14 Boys Draw

Spartans V Runnin Rebels – Court 1

Blue Devils V Tar Heels – Court 2


U14 Girls Draw

Green Wave v Huskies – Court 1

Flames V Storm – Court 2


U16 Boys Draw

Bulldogs V Mountaineers – Court 1

Boilermakers V Badgers – Court 2


U16/U18 Girls Draw

Lynx V Stars – Court 1

Skyhawks V Tigers – Court 2


U18 Girls Draw

Sooners V Golden Eagles – Court 1

Wolfpack V 49ers – Court 2