Senior Rams Camp - October 2021


Hey Canterbury hoopers! My name is Coach Adam and I am the Canterbury Rams Skills Coach and the Director of the camp. I am super excited to announce our two upcoming holiday camps. In these camps, I will be introducing skills and drills with the help of the Canterbury Rams basketball players needed to help take your game to the next level.

We will be teaching both on and off court skills that the current Rams players have mastered to get to where they are at today. Some of these are drills and skills the current Rams do even in their training today, others are the building blocks they mastered at a young age to allow them to perform the high level moves you see them do on the court at games now. We will focus on three areas to improve our players: Skill, Body & Mind.

Our Basketball Skill Focus will include –
1. Triple Threat
2. Dribbling and Passing
3. Finishing Touch & Footwork around Rim
4. Shooting Technique & Drills
5. Defense & Rebounding

Our Body focus will be teaching players –
1. How to properly warm up
2. Body weight based Strength & Conditioning
3. Rest & Recovery

Our Mind focus will be taught by:
1. Q&A with Rams players
2. Understanding on court concepts and patterns
3. Applying mental skills with court skills when things get tough

We have three camps on offer:

– Girls Camp (recommended ages 13-18) – this is a girls only camp, for any skill level

– Foundation Camp (recommended ages 13-15) – players that are intermediate level at high school, play U15 club level basketball or want to learn more about the game.

– Advanced Camp (recommended ages 16-18) – This is for players who are Thompson/Whelan Trophy, Canterbury Rep or wanting to play at high levels in basketball. These players must all be able to do the above skills to a reasonable degree with both hands and a general understanding and ability to do the basics so we can build on those blocks to more advanced moves and concepts.

The Rams would like to make all programmes accessible by providing financial assistance through payment plans. Please contact Faith Harrison, or 021 993 720 who will be able to support this process.
Wednesday 6th October – Friday 8th October
Cowles Stadium
Choose either:
  • Girls Camp – 10am-12pm each day
  • Foundation Camp – 12.30pm-2.30pm each day
  • Advanced Camp – 3pm-5pm each day

All options are $120 each


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