Thank You from the Canterbury Rams Team

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As our team prepares for the NBL Final 4 weekend, we would like to take the time to thank all of the volunteers who made the 2017 Rams season a success.

We played 9 home games this year, and have one of the best home game fan experiences in the NBL. These home games are all driven by the volunteer support of many talented people. For every one of these home games you would have seen an army of volunteers from the very start as you walked through the doors of Cowles Stadium.

For a number of these volunteers, listed below, they will arrive at a game for preparation 7-8 hours before tip-off and stay 2-3 hours after the game. We have worked closely with the Wildcats & NBL on having double headers to promote the women’s game, in which our volunteers have put their hand up to work of 2 games in a night. None of our home games, or our organisation, would be possible without these people who work tirelessly so the players can have the best on-court experience and our fans can enjoy a great night out. The heart of our organisation are these volunteers, and our success and future success is because of these people. So, from the Rams team we would like to thank you all for supporting our team this year.

Together with our volunteers, we hope we have provided our fans with some entertaining games, and we are looking forward to representing you all at the NBL Final 4 in Tauranga this weekend.

Mark Dickel & Rams Team

Signed thank you letter from The Rams


Volunteer Team for Rams Home Games


Terry Brunel

James Lissaman


Blasé Dowall

Andrew Buston

Social Media

George Berry


Richard Connelly


led by Juleen Lacey

Holland Family – Sonya, Ant, Riley, Claudia & Genevieve

Josh Lacey

Tautahi Briggs

Sam Gallagher

Ryan Wood

Della Trimby

Setup/Pack up and Ushers

Faith Harrison

Ashleigh Adamson

Pedro Makaarfi

Matt Mischewski

Troy Murphy

Ben Gracey

Cam Gracey

Andrew Tremewan

Trudy Tremewan

Chris Hannen

Matt Hannen

Zach Hannen

Belinda Hannen

Keegan Low

Jonathan McMillan

Sophia Harrison

Shaun Kelly

Hamsa Shire

Zach Lilburne

Josh farrar deWagt

Dom Mitchell

Sweat Team

Jack Williamson

Yuske Saito

Elijah Velasco

Xach Velasco

Shae Smith

Ethan Weston

Hugh Servier


Jane Halliday

Jenny and Jordana Falconer

Mary Duggan


Irvine family – Tony, Sammy, Katie, Sharlene

Lilian & Rachel Pullan

Score Bench led by Cathy Hyland

Karla Martin

Patsy Barry

Sandra Thomas

Thelma Costain

Fiona Chapman

Marinda Van Vuuren

Natasha Van Vuuren

Harry Apes

Amanda Murray

Game Commissioner

Mike Barnett

Announcer Assistance

Richard Kenny


Sharon Erwood

Nick Erwood

Dan McGregor

James Levings

Harry Apes

Corporate Hosting

led by Nicky Harrison

Lisa Rhodes Braithwaite

Ang Northmore

Jo Petrie

Amanda Bird

Dance Team

led by Rambo

Levings School of Dance

Swarm Studios