Our memberships get you a 15% discount compared to purchasing normal individual game tickets. In addition to this and having a guaranteed seat at every game we will have extra season membership benefits. Find out more and select your membership package below! 


The Revival Club is about resiliency through trial and tribulation. Shown throughout the diverse history of our Canterbury Men’s Basketball Teams, the rebuilding of our city and the revival of the Rams in 2014. The members of this club sit in the John Watson stand, honouring the late Rams owner John Watson. This membership is for those passionate about the game, our club and our city.​

From $35


The Tall Blacks club is a celebration of the 30 Rams players who have represented New Zealand at the highest level. It recognises their excellence, commitment, craft, and determination to play at the highest level. This membership is for those that strive for greatness, who are committed to our club and who want to be more than just a fan.

From $52


The Champions Club celebrates the 4 Sal’s NBL Championships of the Club in 1986, 1989, 1990 and 1992. It recognises the players, coaches, and contributors who played a part in those winning seasons. This membership is for those who want to see our club at the top again and who will run with us as we look to add to our championship glory.

From $82


The ’82 club celebrates the Rams as a foundation club of the Sal’s NBL… our Canterbury Men’s Team in 1981 and then being a part of the first official season of the league in 1982. It also celebrates the rich history of Cowles Stadium and all those that have shown loyalty to the club through and through. This membership is for the utmost loyal member, someone who will be behind us every step of the way.

From $122

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